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Homemade Fabric Face Masks and Other Fabric Delights!

Fabric Face Masks with Adjustable Ear Loops

Adult face masks with adjustable ear loops made of 1/4"elastic and tightened with a craft bead to make them comfortable to fit a wider range of sizes.

Ear Loop Face Masks

Fabric Face Masks with Elastic Bands

Adult fabric masks with 1/4" elastic bands that secure behind the head helping to eliminate ear fatigue and makes for a more comfortable fit. 

Elastic Bands Face Masks

New! Fabric Face Masks with a Filter Pocket

Adult fabric face masks with a filter pocket located in the pleats in the back of the mask.  Available with either elastic head bands or adjustable elastic ear loops. 

Filter pocket face masks

Introducing Zipper Pouches

Zipper Pouches

One mask donated for every four sold!

Face Mask Information

Sew Happiness is on Portland TV!

I’ve had many mask made for me by friends and family, but this one I received from you this week is hands down the best. I just ordered a bunch more. Great size and design. Thank you!


"We received our mask order last week and we love them!  Honestly, these are the 'best' as they fit properly and they are comfortable, they breathe, and they look fantastic!"

"Many positive comments about your masks from my staff.. And we get more positive comments from customers saying we make them feel safe because everyone is wearing masks!"

Miles Richardson - General Manager, University Volkswagen and University Audi Seattle